Baek du mountain in Korea

Baek du mountain in Korea - Baek du mountain in Korea Mount...

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Baek du mountain in Korea Mount Baekdu, North Korea's highest mountain on the border with China, last erupted in 1903, but experts have warned that it may have an active core, citing topographical signs and satellite images. According to historical records, Baekdu was an active volcano. Major activity in the 960s created a caldera on its peak, whose circumference is nearly 14 kilometers with an average depth of 213 meters and maximum of 384 meters. On October 1, 2006, a Russian satellite found the surface temperature of the mountain notably higher than before. Recent earthquakes in China have deepened concerns over an eruption, with some Chinese experts setting the date as early as 2014 2014 is only 3 years left. I am from South Korea capital city Seoul. If Mount Baek du erupts, Seoul will not safe. There will be no place that is safe in Korea. This is really my concern. I am studying in America, but my family and friends live in Seoul, and I visit them every summer. However, I do not really belive in this theory. If Baek du was that much alive volcano, why isn’t happen before? Yes, it was, but the last eruption was 1000years ago. I do not think that it will erupt again since the last one was 1000 years ago. It passed too much time. In my knowledge, Korea is not earthquake country as Japan or California. There was no single earthquake in South Korea that powerful enough to people felt. I felt earthquake first
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Baek du mountain in Korea - Baek du mountain in Korea Mount...

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