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The Oedipus the King versus The Fate Some people like to read divination to know their future. If people know what will happen to in their lives, can they change the future? Troy’s princess Cassandra got a gift from the God god Apollo, which was foresight of the future. However, because of she rejected Apollo’s love, he took the power of persuasion from her. She told everyone that Troy will would be destroyed, but no one believed her. She Cassandra knew what was coming, but she could not change anything. In her situation, she did her best to change the future, but the fate won in this game. Sometimes, Even even though, People people know they cannot change the future, they still would like to do anythingtry to change the futureit. However, vanity destroys everything they did have done for their future, and as in the case of the Oedipus the kingKing was one of them. Oedipus had a different situation from Cassandra. He did not had have to persuade anyone. He just needed to avoid his fate, and he did tried try to avoid the that fate, but he did not tried try his best. By understanding his situation, people can start to point out that what he could have done to fix his life. After he heard the prophecy, to not avoid having that prophecy became thecome true, he could have decided not to kill anyone, he could no not to marry anyone or at least not to marry any older woman, and he couldto just live peacefully and not being a hero. His But Oedipus’s vanity ruined himself. When Oedipus was born, he received a prophecy that he will would kill his birth father, and sleep with his birth mother. His birth father was afraid of that this prophecy becomes would come true, so he asked someone to kill the baby Oedipus for him, . but However, the guy man who was asked to kill the baby Oedipus did decided not only to kill baby Oedipushim but instead he also gave him to a shepherd in a neighboring country’s shepherd. This shepherd took
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Oedipus to his king and queen, and so the king and queen became Oedipus’s step parents. Oedipus grew up at there, and by destiny, he heard the same prophecy that his birth parents had heard too. To avoid that fate, Oedipus left his growing upthe country where he’d grown up to avoid the fate. This was the only one thing that he did to avoid the prophecy. Later on, he killed a guy man that who asked him to step awayout of the way, which and that man was actually his birth father. He Oedipus then killed the sphinx Sphinx that bludgeon burdened the his birth country, and he became the king of that country. Oedipus did not knowNot knowing that it this was his birth country, so he took the old queen as his wife. The prophecy became present, and tragedy tragic events began happening to him Oedipus and his country. After he became the
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The_Oedipus_King_versus_The_Fate - The Oedipus the King...

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