Animal Abuse - M ans best friend, will you protect him?...

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Man’s best friend, will you protect him? Dogs have been man best friends and we owe it to them to protect them from anything that may harm them. At the beginning of the year, a video of a poodle named Sushi was circulated on Facebook. Sushi was forced to stand on his two back legs by his owner, which appears to be a Chinese man. The video showed the poodle was punched and worst, slammed against the wall. During the month of March, a video of the ugly truth of mankind's decadence was revealed. The 5 minutes video showed a young individual kicking, throwing, and stomping on, and beating a kitten with an umbrella near seemingly deserted shops. Is animal abuse has becoming a trend for Malaysian? In general, animal abuse is often broken down into two main categories: active and passive, also referred to as commission and omission. Passive cruelty is typified by cases of neglect, where the crime is a lack of action rather than the action itself. Examples of neglect are starvation, dehydration, parasite infestations, allowing a collar to grow into an animal's skin, inadequate shelter in extreme weather conditions, and failure to seek veterinary care when an animal needs medical attention. Severe animal neglect can cause incredible pain and suffering to an animal. Everyone love puppies, everyone thinks kittens are cute. When they are getting bigger and do not have the cute face anymore. People will find them less attractive and started abandoning them. They should accept the fact that animals will grow up too, just like human, like us. Do we abandon our children when they become twenty years old and not
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Animal Abuse - M ans best friend, will you protect him?...

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