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1 Name: _KEY_____________________________ Last 4 digits of SID:_____________ Managerial Economics (ARE) 136 University of California, Davis, Winter 2011 Dr. John H. Constantine Quiz 8 (125 points), Wednesday Practice Multiple Choice Questions—(60 points; 10 points each.) 1) If an advertiser wants to instill brand preference in consumers with an advertisement (or advertising campaign), the method to use is: a) feel-good ads. b) fear-appeal ads. c) image ads. d) hard-sell ads. 2) A company has set an advertising objective of persuading consumers to buy its product. The company would be wise to remember that: a) this can be accomplished using image advertising as a method. b) the only way to do so is through the presentation of a USP. c) if it is a new product in the product category, comparison ads are often very effective in accomplishing this. d) this requires engaging consumers on a higher cognitive level than most other objectives do. 3) Doublemint chewing gum used to run television advertisements featuring sets of what they called Doublemint twins. The jingle in the commercial repeatedly urged viewers to "Double your pleasure."
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ARE136WI11Q8vaKEY - 1 Name_KEY Last 4 digits of SID...

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