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Name: __KEY_______________________ Last 4 digits of SID:_____________ Managerial Economics (ARE) 136 University of California, Davis, Winter 2011 Dr. John H. Constantine Quiz 1 (125 points), Wednesday January 12, 2011 Multiple Choice Questions—(60 points; 10 points each.) 1) Public service announcements (PSAs): a) are not mass mediated. b) are not paid for. c) are not an attempt to persuade. d) do not use copy similar to advertising. e) are messages that reach only institutional audiences. 2) You have been asked to analyze advertising industry expenditures by target market. You want to start with the market that is most often targeted by advertisers. You begin by looking at: a) government employees. b) professionals. c) members of trade channels. d) household consumers. e) members of business organizations. 3) Attempts to create brand awareness or reinforce the benefits of using a brand is: a) corporate advertising. b) selective demand stimulation. c) direct response advertising. d) primary demand stimulation.
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