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ARE112_Sp11_Notes13_Strategic_Thinking - ARE 112 Spring...

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ARE 112 – Spring 2011 Class Notes #13 – Strategic Thinking and Innovation ARE112_Sp11_Notes13_Strategic_Thinking 1 I. Class Notes 1. Analysis project 2. Written project – discussed below 3. Portfolio 4. Final exam: Monday June 6 th 10 AM a. 65 multiple-choice questions – 130 points b. Ten fill-in questions – 20 points c. About one-third from new material and one-third from each of the two midterm exams d. Some material will be excluded e. SmartSite will be active on Thursday II. Last Time: Data Analysis A. ANOVA – Analysis of Variance 1. Purpose: To see an example of fact-based, analysis-based information to then be used in decision making 2. Converting Data to Information - Likert scale to convert qualitative responses to quantitative or measurable values 3. ANOVA – analysis of variance 4. Comparison of means of sub-populations by the comparison of the total population variances and the variances of the sub-populations B. Crosstabs or chi-square 1. Same purpose as above 2. Comparison of actual frequencies to expected frequencies C. Probit 1. Compares actual results to expected results to see if there are significant predictor variables 2. Generally done to test a model and not to build a model as in the medical school admissions study 3. Useful to test conventional wisdom or preconceived notions III. Back to Strategy – A. The Idea of Strategic Thinking 1. Art of War - read only the following pages: a. 40 – 43 #1: Laying plans b. 48 – 51 #3:
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