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ARE 112 – Spring 2011 Class Notes #12 – Decision Making ARE112_Sp11_Notes12_HR_Decisions 1 I. Class Notes 1. Plan to the end: a. Monday, May 23 rd – Decision making and class project b. Wednesday, May 25 th – Strategic thinking and innovation The Art of War and The Principles of War - Written assignment ready c. Monday, May 30 th – no class Memorial Day d. Wednesday, June 1 st – Ethical and legal aspects of the organization, and the global organization – turn in written assignment e. Wednesday, June 1 st – Earliest date for class portfolio submission – folders will be available in class f. Friday, June 3 rd – Final day to turn in class portfolio – by 5 PM in Mr. Lundblad’s office g. Monday, June 2 nd – Scheduled final exam – 10 AM to 12 PM 2. Written assignment – cover-page ready on Wednesday a. Two pages, double-spaced b. You will answer one of four questions that related The Art of War and/or The Principles of War to The Goal or the IBM book 3. Analysis assignment – topic for today II. Decision Making A. General comment: 1. “The process 2. by which managers 3. respond to opportunities and threats (from the SWOT world) 4. by analyzing options 5. and making determinations 6. about specific organizational goals 7. and courses of action.” B. Many decision relate to one of the following: 1. Resource acquisition (or disposal)
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ARE112_Sp11_Notes12_HR_Decisions - ARE 112 Spring 2011...

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