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ARE 112 – Spring 2011 Exam #2 Study Guide #2 – Both study guides on SmartSite ARE112_Sp11_E02_StudyGuide_2_of_2 Page 1 of 1 Same as on the first study guide : Exam #2 will be Wednesday, May 18 th . The exam will start at 4:15 PM and you have the entire remaining part of the class period to take the exam – up to 5:50 PM. The exam will be in the regular class room. 1. Fill-in questions – 10 for two points each for 20 points – answer all the questions. All questions will come from word bank included in this study guide and in the second study guide if needed. 2. Multiple-choice questions – 35 for 70 points. A Scantron from will be provided. a. Primarily from the notes and the word bank b. A few from the readings 3. Short answer questions – 5 points each and you pick two of five questions as follows: you will pick one of the first two questions and then one of the next three questions a. You will be asked for examples from the readings b. See sample questions below and from the prior exams. 4.
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