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Chapter 1 1. You need ___________ to evaluate trends, predict responses, and plan ahead. A. PeopleB. Data C. Programmers D. None of the above 2. Knowledge represents a higher level of understanding, including _________, __________, and ____________ . A. Rules, reports, information B. Patterns, reports, information C. Rules, patterns, decisions D. Decisions, reports, information 3. A management information system consists of: A. Hardware, software, telecommunications, data, storage capacity B. Collections of data, storage capacity, software, people, hardware C. Hardware, software, people, procedures, and collections of data D. Software, people, hardware, data, telecommunications 4. Data consists of ____________. A. Factual elementsB. Information C. Knowledge D. None of the above 5. Information represents data that has been ___________, ______________, and ______________ to provide insight. A. Processed, organized, integrated B. Processed, programmed, evaluated C. Organized, programmed, evaluated D. Integrated, programmed, evaluated 6. Wisdom is where one can put _________, __________, and ________ to work to create new knowledge and adapt to changing situations. A. Data, information, and experience B. Knowledge, experience, and analytical skills C. Data, knowledge, and information D. Experience, data, and information 7. Organizations that use information technology to ___________ costs and provide ___________ service can thrive. A. Reduce and better B. Increase and better C. Reduce and worse D. Increase and worse 8. Information technology is critical to the production improvement process, enabling employees to perform________ tasks, getting work done _________ at ________ cost. A. More, slower, higher B. More, faster, lower C. More, slower, lower D. Less, slower, higher 9. In a teamwork environment, not only do you have to produce your own work, but you also have to __________ closely with the group to see what problems and answers they have encountered and determine how to ___________ all of the pieces. A. Communicate, integrate B. Communicate, disperse C. Write, disperse D. Talk, disperse 10. Beginning in mid-2000, thousands of dot-coms firms failed as most had __________ expenses and _________ losses. A. Enormous, huge B. Less, minimum C. Minimum, huge D. Minimum, minimum 11. Traditional concepts of management focus on: A. Organizing, planning, and control B. Manufacturing, span of control, and accounting procedures C. Military-based transactional systems D. Accuracy, dependability, and loyalty to the firm 12. Mintzberger’s three categories of managerial tasks are: A. Managerial, span of responsibility, financial planning B. Human resource planning, financial planning, resource planning C. Interpersonal, informational, and decisional D. Developmental, resource identification, and interpersonal 13. Collecting data, identifying problems, and making choices are, in series, called the: A. Manager’s role B. Basis of business
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testreview - BUS381 Test Questions Chapter 1 1 You need to...

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