Test381 - BUS381 Test 1 Knowledge represents a higher level...

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1. Knowledge represents a higher level of understanding, including _________, __________, and _________ . A. Rules, reports, information B. Patterns, reports, information C. Rules, patterns, decisions D. Decisions, reports, information 2. A management information system consists of: A. Hardware, software, telecommunications, data, storage capacity B. Collections of data, storage capacity, software, people, hardware C. Hardware, software, people, procedures, and collections of data D. Software, people, hardware, data, telecommunications 3. Information technology is critical to the production improvement process, enabling employees to perform_____ tasks, getting work done _______ at _______ cost. A. More, slower, higher B. More, faster, lower C. More, slower, lower D. Less, slower, higher 4. Traditional concepts of management focus on: A. Organizing, planning, and control B. Manufacturing, span of control, and accounting procedures C. Military-based transactional systems D. Accuracy, dependability, and loyalty to the firm 5. Collecting data, identifying problems, and making choices are, in series, called the: A. Manager’s role B. Basis of business C. Window of opportunity D. Decision process 6. As area managers are required to understand and use increasingly sophisticated models and tools to analyze events and make decisions, the demand for managers with specific technical skills is ________, while the demand for general business managers is _______. A. Decreasing, increasing B. Increasing, decreasing C. Decreasing, decreasing D. Increasing, increasing 7. The increased competition created by internationalization and decentralization requires corporations to be more ______. A. Flexible B. Rigid C. Non-cooperative D. None of the above 8. What is the computer-based information system that helps integrate data in a collaborative environment? A. Enterprise resource planning system B. Decision support system C. Executive information system D. Expert system 9. What is the interactive, computer-based information system that provides a flexible tool for analysis and helps managers make business decisions? A. Transaction processing system B. Decision support system C. Executive information system D. Expert system 10. Computers are typically discussed in terms of two important classifications: ______ and _________. A. People, Data B. Hardware, software C. People, Software D. Software, Data 11. Bitmap pictures are evaluated in terms of the number of ________ and ________ of the picture. A. Colors, resolution B. Dots, resolution C. Colors, dots D. None of the above 12. The processor carries out instructions written by various programmers and uses ______ to temporarily store instructions and data. 1
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Test381 - BUS381 Test 1 Knowledge represents a higher level...

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