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February 7, 2011 February 9, 2011 Paid Domestic Work: Inequalities of Race, class, Gender and Nation Domestic work Inequalities of race, class, gender, nation Economic motivations Gender ideologies Domestic Work Work of cleaning, cooking childcare, elderly care, live-out Nanny/ housekeepers Different class w/ in the system Low pay, long hours Work: physical and emotional work Social isolation, loneliness, boredom Least control of schedule Unset schedule Few boundaries between work and non work Lacks privacy Vulnerable to sexual harassments Food: symbol of difference and inequality Nuclear family ideology “Good woman” = “good mother” + “good wife” Economic Motivations - propelled by global inequalities Poverty in Third- world and wealth in first world- migration Workers and their families Women often college educated Higher pay overseas Countries that colonialism made much poorer than countries where they go to do domestic work Home government Remittances Receives huge sums of remittances from its overseas worker each year Job creation Creates unequal dependency btw nations Why Global inequalities Third-world people “need” less Corruption of third world-government Philippine government is selling or trafficking women Third World debtor nation government have been unable and unwilling to protect their female citizens abroad, often eager instead to protect relations with the First World Any corruption in the first world Host country governments and private employers welcome the migrant women workers for the cheap labor that they perform Response to poverty created by First World imperialism and perpetuated by SAP Structural and historical reasons IMF/World Bank International lending Structural adjustment Program Their land, products, labor, and lives are extracted for other people’s profit through these program Prescribed structural adjustment policies to the government of indebted countries as preconditions for loans Restructure economy for department repayment Cut social services Privatize state enterprises
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Devalue currency Slashing wages Opening markets to foreign investment Gender Ideologies
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ASAM8FINAL - February 7 2011 February 9 2011 Paid Domestic...

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