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asam8 final paper

asam8 final paper - 1 The nuclear family is defined as a...

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The nuclear family is defined as a family that consists of a father, and mother and their biological children who live together in a single household. Although my family does not necessarily match the ideology and is a minority family, it is in some sense a nuclear family. As immigrants to America, there are different interactions between race, class, and gender ideologies that coexist to shape our way of thinking and behavior. By observing how the social and private constructions apply to my family at the individual level and through the structural level, we can see how alternative family forms can coexist as nuclear families in the United States. The Kim family consists of four members: my younger brother John, my father, my mother, and myself. We emigrated together from Korea to Los Angeles in 1996, and over the years became American citizens. As we had crossed over without any other relatives or extended family, we had to depend on only one another to survive in the US and to live out the “American Dream”. My father’s occupation as a minister and his desire to receive a PhD in theology had propelled the rest of us onto a foreign land that would be home for the next fifteen plus years. For the first half of our lives in America, we lived a frugal lifestyle due to our lower economic status. Many things changed over time for my family; financially stable for once since we moved to the United States, my parents were able to purchase a home and permanently settle in a quiet suburb so that we could receive a good education. My father was the primary breadwinner for a short time while my mother would take care of us at home. However, it became quite visible that his salary as a pastor would not be enough to support our family and as a result the entire family suffered through some difficult times. There had to be changes made in order for this family to stay afloat and to do so my mother was forced to work. Somehow my parents were able to muster
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