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Chris Kim Tara Munson Thurs 3PM March 8, 2011 Event Write-Up: Asianicity I attended the Asianicity: Voices fro Asia America at the Multicultural center on March 3 rd , 2011. This reading took place on the UCSB campus and featured Asian `American students and scholars as they read their essays and stories to the audience. This event invoked quite a response from the audience and even I was able to connect with some of the readers and performers. I particularly enjoyed Mr. Keith Mar’s “In search of Bruce Lee’s Grave” because I was able to relate to his childhood and the reasons to why he idolized Bruce Lee. I learned a lot from the narratives about the Asian American identity. I noticed that for many of these readers, they had to deal with being a minority in a Western culture and that they were not always allowed the same amount of
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This note was uploaded on 06/08/2011 for the course ASAM 8 taught by Professor Fujino during the Spring '08 term at UCSB.

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