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AS AM 158 Athletic

AS AM 158 Athletic - Sports are no longer a canonized...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Lucy Tran Chris Kim AS AM 158 In Praise of Aesthetic Beauty: Definitions by Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht Exposition: c * Praise: determination to see and to value athletic beauty as an embodiment of a culture“ s highest value (24). o Gumbrecht argues that sports written by intellectuals in academics are neglected and generally described as undesirable, th u o He argues that modern Western culture makes it difficult for scholars to praise sports because:
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Unformatted text preview: * Sports are no longer a canonized phenomenon, intellectuals must be forever critical, and westernU s obsession of the metap h * Beauty o Kant& s Aesthetic Experience: * Athletics Analysis: * Postcolonial: Kant“ s Subjective Universal in beauty definition: o openness toward the material world * Burke& s sublime vs. Gumbrecht&s Beauty: o Quantity vs. Quality: * Realism (54): Epiphany in aesthetic experience to reveal beauty *...
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