AS AM 158 Athletic

AS AM 158 Athletic - experience of beauty. o He argues that...

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Lucy Tran Chris Kim AS AM 158 In Praise of Aesthetic Beauty: Definitions by Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht Exposition: Main Argument: Dissatisfied with intellectual’s dismissal in academics that sports are trivial and form of capitalism, Gumbrecht argues that there is an aesthetic quality to sports through defining praise, beauty, and athletics, to realize the aesthetic experience through the movements of the athlete’s body rather than a function. Praise: determination to see and to value athletic beauty as an embodiment of a culture’s highest value (24). o Gumbrecht argues that sports written by intellectuals in academics are neglected and generally described as undesirable, thus making it difficult to see sports as an aesthetic
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Unformatted text preview: experience of beauty. o He argues that modern Western culture makes it difficult for scholars to praise sports because: Sports are no longer a canonized phenomenon, intellectuals must be forever critical, and westerns obsession of the metaphysical. Beauty o Kants Aesthetic Experience: Athletics Analysis: Postcolonial : Kants Subjective Universal in beauty definition: o openness toward the material world Burkes sublime vs. Gumbrechts Beauty: o Quantity vs. Quality: Realism (54): Epiphany in aesthetic experience to reveal beauty...
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AS AM 158 Athletic - experience of beauty. o He argues that...

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