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Sample Essay Questions, Final Exam 1. Please explain how the global, strategic position of the United States changed during and after World War II, and why Americans forces were deployed in a semi-permanent way throughout the world after 1945. (The Vietnamese American 1.5 Generation) - During World War II, the United States did not deploy forces around the world -After the World War II, circumstances had changed -The Vietnam War involved American combat troops on ground from 1965 to 1973 - They paid 78 percents of France’s military expenditure because they themselves were fighting anti- Communist Cold War -Now that Communist ruled China and both the Korean war and first Indochina war had ended in military and political stalemates -American foreign policy-makers became extremely paranoid about Communist expansion in Asia -They envision it like domino, once one fell the next one will fall -communism: overthrowing capitalism -workers will eventually prevail over oppressed capitalist 2. How did the “Red Scare,” the fear of communist infiltration in American public life, have a peculiar impact on Chinese Americans in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s? Please explain at least one immigration law that re-shaped the Chinese American community during this period. (Zhao) - Chinese Communist intervention in the Korean War set off hysterical anti-Chinese reactions in the United States -Chinese were being forced to prove their loyalty -In 1955, the American Consul in Hong Kong warned that Chinese Communist spies could use fraudulent citizenship papers to secure American passports and enter the United States -They immediately began investigating thousands of Chinese Americans, charging they had obtained passports based on false birth certificated -Many paper sons were vulnerable and terribly anxious -the government created the confessors program: Chinese residing in the United States illegally were encouraged to come forward and confess their guilt to the immigration and naturalization service -Confessors were required to give full disclosure of every relative and friend. -in return, the government would give them legal status if they were not involved in subversive activities. -the confession program gave the government a weapon to target certain Chinese residents -People began being suspicious against another - The 1952 McCarran-Walter Act, Congress approved immigration from the “Asian-Pacific Triangle,” a large geographical region including mostly of South and East Asian. While ending exclusion, this new law was still racially discriminatory in intent and desng: countries within the triangle were allowed only one hundnred immigrants each. Immigration from Eiropean countries, on the other hand, was determined by the national origins quotas of the 1924 immigration law. -But the Cold War, which the McCarran-Walter Act reflected in its provisions for the screening of
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asamfinal - Sample Essay Questions Final Exam 1 Please...

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