Chris Kim Hurricane Katrina

Chris Kim Hurricane Katrina - 1 Good evening Ladies and...

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Good evening Ladies and gentlemen and thank you all for allowing me speak in front of you all today. We are gathered here today as a group of individuals, businessmen, and families that are brought together by a common problem. We must understand that we are united as one nation under God, and we must seek to solve this grave issue that has plagued this land of ours. This major catastrophe was the cause of the relocation of thousands of residents in New Orleans and its surrounding areas. The move was temporary and many have returned to their homes; however the African American population has been lessened by 57 percent, and the lower class Whites by 36 percent. The policies and programs that deal with the relocation and return have been cruel to the poor and working class citizens. These people, whom were ejected from their homes by Mother Nature, need our support and dedication. They should not have to endure more misery in the hands of the government. Reverend Jesse Jackson once said, “Rising tides don't lift all boats, particularly those stuck at the bottom” (CITE).   This is a reminder that we cannot expect those who can barely feed their children due to harsh living conditions to be able to return to New Orleans without the collective efforts and coalitions. These are human beings and citizens of the United States of America, just like you and I, and we must fight for their right to return. In order to restore and recover, we must form strong multi-racial coalitions, which will
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Chris Kim Hurricane Katrina - 1 Good evening Ladies and...

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