In praise of athletic beauty

In praise of athletic beauty - meet can create amazing...

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Chris Kim Asam 158 Prof. Pandya 5/31/2011 In Praise of Athletic Beauty By Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht This excerpt from “In Praise of Athletic Beauty” discusses the relevance of sports and the connection to the artistic beauty that is often overlooked by its fans and critics. A dissatisfied defector from intellectual views of sports, Gumbrecht sees sports as more than as the creation of capitalism. He argues that the mass appeal of sports is much more than simply the manipulation of the masses and that aesthetic quality can be seen underneath the surface. He says that the arête, to strive for excellence, is more important than the actual competition or agon of the sports. He says that athletes that we may never
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Unformatted text preview: meet can create amazing memories that parallel those created by the most amazing music artists. Gumbrecht is convincing in arguing that sports can be admired and enjoyed for the beauty they express. The reading contains elements of the sublime in the depiction of Pablo Morales, who feels the intensity from watching the race in which he was not able to participate in. He also argues that in sports epiphanies are present, like a way a player comes out of nowhere to dunk a basketball. It also reaches out to the Western values as well as rejecting them making it a postcolonial piece....
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In praise of athletic beauty - meet can create amazing...

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