Hist 8 Final terms S'11(2)

Hist 8 Final terms S'11(2) - Oct. 1962 Cuban Special Period...

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History 8. Terms for the final exam: caudillismo nationalism neocolonialism conservatism federalism Liberalism Anticlericalism Positivism Corporatism indigenismo Export economies Import substitution industrialization Liberal reform - Mexico Porfirio Díaz (r. 1876-1911) Mexican Revolution Francisco Madero Emiliano Zapata Pancho Villa Alvaro Obregón (r. 1920-24) Plutarco Elías Calles (r. 1924-28) Lázaro Cárdenas (r. 1934-40) Institutional Revolutionary Party (Mex.) Bracero program Mexican Miracle 1968 Olympics / massacre Chiapas Zapatista rebellion/EZLN War of the Pacific Banana Republic United Fruit Company Jacobo Arbenz Rigoberta Menchú Panama Canal Monroe Doctrine 1823 Canal Zone Carter-Torrijos Treaty Manuel Noriega Good Neighbor Policy 1933 Getulio Vargas Estado Novo Petrobras Fulgencio Batista Fidel Castro “History will absolve me” Che Guevara Cuban Revolution 26 th of July Movement (M-26-7) Bay of Pigs 1961 Cuban Missile Crisis
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Unformatted text preview: Oct. 1962 Cuban Special Period La Violencia Colombia Salvador Allende Augusto Pinochet Neoliberalism Dirty War in Argentina The disappeared /los desaparecidos Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo (Arg.) Malvinas/Falkland War Victor Ral Haya de la Torre Plan Inca PetroPeru Sendero Luminoso Shining Path Augusto Sandino Sandinista Revolution (Nicaragua) 1979 Central Intelligence Agency School of the Americas Low intensity warfare Contras Somoza family Archbishop Oscar Romero (d. 1980) Liberation theology Vatican II 1962-65 preferential option for the poor Pentecostal Protestantism War on Drugs Plan Colombia Pablo Escobar Narcotrafficking Globalization Alliance for Progress International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Bank North American Free Trade Agreement Democratization Hugo Chvez Evo Morales Incio Lula da Silva...
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