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Final_Exam._The_Business_Article - SITUATION You are...

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Unformatted text preview: SITUATION You are Personal Assistant {PA} to David Taylor, Managing Director of All Dried Up. a company,»r that imports and sells dried fruit and vegetables. Their Head Office is at The Perryf Centre, Portland Square, BRISTOL, BRB 4DF, UK. Tel: 01?? 904 6000, Fax: 01?? 904 5286. Mr Taylor is out ofthe office, but will return late in the afternoon. and has left you some work to deal with in his absence. Mi mlhich I hope mJill be helpful. Make lure anyone to contact at — 3nd no [up YoleMI. Thahkt, Dafid. P The attached {tory appeared l’QCQn'i-[Y in a hational_nemrpap_er and _I am COHCQVHQOi that fair-"Q oF our guttomert m ht well be unaecettarlly worried by I'i'. They‘ finaylblh t be —_' it; abiolute l’u ‘iilfln — therer never been a rightlh of a Merlcah fruit Fly autilde Central America! Could YEN Pleare thereFore drarEt More than 100 wol’cifi that we can read To ‘The Retailer, a magazine Mott aF oul’ customers teem 'i'o read, to resume them? I he made {emanates on the article, You latitude quFiUQr-rl' JHFOYMQTJUIN Fol” ‘ you never knew, we Might et tome hem bonnet! a; a _ retult oF the article — ttreti that we have larcje I add oF direate~Free dried Fruit PLAGUE 0F FRUIT FLIES THREATENS WORLD’S FRUIT SUPPLIES A world shonage of fruit is now forecast as the Mexican Fruit Fly spreads its wings and invades all parts of the world. f _ The citlus industly a in California. USA ‘I They re alone is a illultI- had Flies For billion dollar Many year; operation. but alwayt , especially when dealt with the M willie-u- major problem! .. _ . _. one considers not only citrus production but the storage. ' .I ' lg. transportation and marketing of the fruit. . ll of this business is threatened when just a single Mexican fruit fly is found. Reliable sources inform us that such is the state of panic that. in California alone. thousands of fly traps are being fl all yea (mud in an effort to detect the pl‘esen of a single fly. Thit is nothing new — they‘re jun feasible PYGCQul’iOnf that have mlarked mtell in the Part _ r _ Poorer countries. however. are unable to afford to take such precautions and a world shortage of all kinds of fruit is bound to follow the Fruit Fly invasion. It is predicted that prices will rise dramatically and then a world shortage will occur. As eru ' be stored for long. stocks will rapidly run out and we may well become a world without fruit as it‘s not even possible to stockpile dried M as this can also become contaminated by fruit flies. Once in Britain, the dried Fruit any trace at( {ruit Fly — there is no damcjer From dried Fruit an article {no <3le into (old Hermie, which kill! There it ND evidence Tint! happen ...
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Final_Exam._The_Business_Article - SITUATION You are...

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