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Unformatted text preview: 9841017 Conrad NOTES 1. All of this business is threatened when just a single Mexican fruit fly is found: They have had flies for many years but always dealt with them without major problems. 2. Thousands of fly traps are being set all year round in an effort to detect the presence of a single fly: This is nothing new --- theyre just sensible precautions that have worked well in the past. 3. I t is predicted that prices will rise dramatically and then a world shortage will occur : T here is no evidence this will happen, but world shortage is very likely to happen. 4. As fruit cannot be stored for long, stocks will rapidly run of and we may well become a world without fruit as its not even possible to stockpile dried fruit as this can also become contaminated by fruit flies: Once in Britain, the dried fruit goes into cold storage, which kills any trace of fruit fly --- there is no danger from dried fruit....
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intermedia_writing_final_businessresponse - 9841017 Conrad...

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