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9841017 Conrad Reaction essay: “Principal suspended over bullying” The article “Principal suspended over bullying”, which was written by Flora Wang and published in the Taipei Times in December 22, 2010, report the principle that was suspended for allegedly turning a blind eye to bullying on campus. News like bullying in the campus is being reported almost every day. Therefore, we should put more concern about bullying in the campus. In the article, the author mentions the principle of Taoyuan’s Bade Junior High School, was suspended because of her turning a blind eye to bullying on campus. Besides, there were about 60 teachers at the school had launched a petition drive to oust the principle owing to her ignorance of student’s name-calling and threats against teachers. Minister of Education Wu Ching-ji pay a visit to the school recently, in his speech to the students, he urged school nationwide to make extra efforts to help
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