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9841017 Conrad Final Report of Advanced Reading Topic: DNA Fingerprinting a. Introduction: Topic sentence/ Thesis statement : DNA fingerprinting is used to determine where particular genetic material came from, that is what person or group of peoples the material is mostly likely to come from. b. Body paragraph 1: Topic sentence/main idea: DNA fingerprinting is most commonly used to determine our heredity. Supporting sentences: However , DNA fingerprinting cannot discriminate between identical twins. (Comparison or Contrast) Body paragraph 2: Topic sentence/main idea: Most people are aware of the use of DNA fingerprinting in forensic medicine. Supporting sentences: However this might change. If governments replace photograph ID cards to that of DNA fingerprint ID cards, then it will be far easier
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Unformatted text preview: to track down anyone within a nation’s population. (Comparison or Contrast) Body paragraph 3: Topic sentence/main idea: Genetic fingerprinting can also help us to predict our future health. Supporting sentences: It can also be used to screen parents and fetuses for the presence of inherited abnormalities, such as Huntington’s disease or muscular dystrophy, so appropriate advice can be given and precautions taken as needed. (Exemplification) c. Conclusion: Thesis statement: The use of DNA fingerprinting and genetic screening is fast changing society and the way we treat illnesses, track down criminals and soon, identify the public. It is a science that has dramatically changed society and continues to make great contributions to health and science in all fields....
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