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9841032 Helen9 1. Title The Hulk: The Junior Novel 2. Author Peter David 3. Main Character Bruce Banner is The Hulk and main character in the book. Bruce Banner is a scientist. When he was anger he became a green monster. The green monster is The Hulk. The Hulk was a big destructive power. His power can destroy a city. 4. Setting This book makes use of the diary to write down. This book recorded The Hulk and Bruce Banner’s life and how they got alone with each other. Through this book let us know not determine a person from his face. 5. Plot/Main Idea Bruce Banner lost his parents when he was a child. He lived with his foster mother and he became an outstanding scientist but his childhood memory always appeared in his nightmare. At one experiment, Banner saved his colleague but he shone the fatal gamma then he survived. After this time his body had a strange change Banner was pestered by the military, his
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Unformatted text preview: childhood memory were gradually restore. When he recalled his all memory Banner was very angry then became The Hulk. The big destroy accompanied by The Hulk. 6. Personal Evaluation The Hulk makes use of the diary to write down. It makes this book easy than other book because wrote diary made use of everyday expression. It lets us fell close our life. After read this book I thought not determined a person from his face. The Hulk has a green face and the green body but he also has tenderness. Surface is important but heart is also important. People have a beautiful face but not have a pretty heart. That the face beautiful can fake but the heart can not fake. Nowadays a lot of people go to make a plastic operation but this is a bad thing for health. That is the face fake best example. In my opinion heart is more important than face. Summer Reading Assignment 08...
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