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Abnormal Behavior MIIDTERM REVIEW

Abnormal Behavior MIIDTERM REVIEW - Abnormal Behavior...

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Abnormal Behavior Midterm Review Notes Suggestions for Midterm - Don’t cram - Try to find he links between the questions. Many of these questions involved being able to talk about the disorders Potential method of Studying (Chart) Disorder (going down) then Anxiety, Phobia, Bipolar, DID, (Going across) #1) Abnormal Behavior, how you justify your answer, than for you 2) Freudian perspective – pathology due to poor psychological development social context conflict of basic drives a. Freud’s world view is that of constant struggle of our subconscious drives anxiety from those conflicts and usage of defense mechanisms i. Basic drives ID, super ego b. Pathology defense mechanisms name some c. Fixation a condition in which the id ego, and superego do not mature properly and are frozen… d. Psychoanalytic theory0 theory is long term, goals are to restore balance an resolve the conflicts of the mind e. Techniques include: i. Free association that with others? ii. Transference and counter transference iii. Reduction of symptoms are of little use unless the conflicts is dealt with f. Is it effective? On what kinds of disorders? g. Criticisms? Is it scientific? h. BEHAVIROAL PERSEPECTIVE i. Our actions are determined largely by our experiences in life ii. It is only about our responses to our environment iii. Principles of learning – processes by which these behaviors change in repsonse to the environment iv. Conditioning- simple forms of learning v. Modeling – learn response by what thing and … i. COGNITIVE MODEL is often mixed up with behavioral Major difference is that it allows thought j. Cognitive processes are at center of behavior thought and emotions k. Cognitive therapy, help clients recognize the negative thoughts biased interruptions and errors in logic that dominate their thinking and cause them to be depressed
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i. Illogical thought processes 3) Defense Mechanisms – what purpose do they serve a. Protect? b. What are some of the defense mechanisms we talked about inc also> i. Projection sublimination etc. can you name some more? ii. Remember that none of these deal with the root of the problem and can sometimes cause their own problems 4) Sociocultural Model – abnormal behavior is best understood in light of the social and cultural forces that influence an individual a. Biological – malfunction of biochemistry or anatomical deficiencies b. Who would use projective tests? Self-monitoring diaries? Observation? c. Chapter 3 5) Reliability – the degree to which a measurement is consistent a. Ex: many doctors with same diagnosis for a single patient b. Validity can also be considered accuracy c. Something can be reliable but not valid! Why? i. What are x: what about accurate but not reliable? ii. If single patient goes to multi doctors, across sectors not the same, 6) Panic – a fear response in the absence of danger a. Panic disorder – overwhelming feeling of panic and anxiety, can happen for no reason b. Agoraphobia – fear of avoidance of situations in which they would feel
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