art stu 9c - 21:08 ImmigrantsandNascentDemocracy...

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21:08 Immigrants and Nascent Democracy Immigration o Many nations of immigrants  o indigenous in New World  o Colonizing processes took time  o Europeans needed help  o Colonial America was divided o What about immigration today? Early American Democracy Enlightenment era political experiment Escaping history of oligarchy Dorms of Democracy Direct democracy Representative democracy Constitutional democracy= Liberal democracy Socialist democracy Hybrid and pluralist democracies Video: Guns, Germs, and Steel Why does inequality exist in the world? Gallery Visit 4/14 What? o Inflatable Bodies: Chico MacMurtie o Natural Number After 8 Preceding 10 UCI Undergrad Juried Exhibit Univ Gallery/ Room Gallery
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21:08 Civil Rights and Wrongs A healthy democracy a work in progress Enlightenment concept of reason over nature Rights are rarely given without a fight
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art stu 9c - 21:08 ImmigrantsandNascentDemocracy...

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