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Market Pioneer or Follower

Market Pioneer or Follower - 1 Market Pioneer/Follower...

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1 Market Pioneer/Follower : Market leader has the largest market share in the relevant product market To remain dominant the leader must follow the following strategy: EXPANDING THE TOTAL MARKET DEFENDING THE MARKET SHARE EXPANDING THE MARKET SHARE 1) EXPANDING THE TOTAL MARKET – it can expand the market share by creating new customers , increasing the usage of the product , example of increasing product usage (Gillette Mac 3 has a blue strip which fades away with repeated use , indicating customer to buy a new one ) 2) DEFENDING THE MARKET SHARE – a dominant firm can use 6 defensive strategies: →position defence →flank defence →pre-emptive defence →counter offensive defence →mobile defence →contraction defence 3) EXPANDING THE MARKET SHARE – take an example of bharti airtel which was a good company in 2002 but since nine years company has don tremendously well and with the company great management and commitment toady bharti airtel has the
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