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Class Essay Outline - because the world wide web is a great...

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1) Recently, the popularity of social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook has encouraged people to “post their lives online”. This means posting photos of one’s vacation for the world to see, sharing information about one’s personal life such as issues with family or friends, or giving someone you met online your address and asking him or her to meet you for a date. Although some people see this as just harmless fun, others see it as potentially destructive to the younger generation. Do you think there are more negative or positive consequences of posting your life on the internet? Give examples to prove your point. Refer to page 168 for support. OUTLINE Introduction Blogging, social websites, uploading pictures, youtube Thesis: There are more positive consequences than negative on posting your life on the internet
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Unformatted text preview: because the world wide web is a great tool that provides users with the ability to efficiently communicate for whatever desired intent to their choice of audience. Positive consequences of posting life on the internet: – Logging/sharing memories and life with others in a nonverbal fashion – Marketing (K-TEK) – Fulfill social needs Negative (argument + rebuttal) – Exposing oneself to online predators, stalkers, employers, government, schools, etc. – Using other people's posted info. against them –----> Caution about what you post; narrow your viewable audience Conclusion – New generation (Millennials, Generation Next, “Look at me” generation) more concerned about themselves than connections with others? (Not completely; focus on own goals) – Trendy; enjoyable; socially healthy...
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