Essay #2 Outline & Annotated Bibliography

Essay #2 Outline & Annotated Bibliography - OUTLINE...

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OUTLINE TITLE When the Child Crashes the Car, Blame the Parents TOPIC Obesity of children STASIS QUESTION What are the causes in today's society beyond a child's control that lead to his or her obesity? THESIS The laziness entailed in technology, influence from school and social contacts, and the unhealthy food shelved in markets are the main factors out of a child's control in today's society contributing to the reason why child obesity rates are escalating. INTRODUCTION - Use statistics to open the reader's eyes on the present crisis of children's obesity SUPPORT - Unhealthy foods manufactured, marketed, and sold - Products sold to kids to promote eating as “fun” - More advertisements of unhealthy food versus healthy food - Unhealthy food marketed specifically towards kids * Present tense narrative in a convenience store - Friends and family influence - When friends and family are obese, the child often finds becoming overweight acceptable - Parents not cooking or purchasing nutritional foods for their children - Overprotection of children results in kids remaining indoors - Poor health education and practices within schools - Lack of exceptional exercise routines - Poor emphasis on educating kids on the risk factors of obesity and unhealthy choices
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Essay #2 Outline & Annotated Bibliography - OUTLINE...

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