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Ashlee Chang Gianunzio English 100 - Section 19 10/11/10 Research Paper Proposal The topic of my paper will be examining the obesity of children in the United States, and I will be answering it from a stasis question of cause and effect. One main point I will be emphasizing is the addition and production of many new, unhealthy foods in the market, which is the a direct source of bad nutrition that heavily influences kids. Another point I will be focusing on are the nutritional practices taken in school. An individual's childhood is the primary foundation of development in healthy habits that kids absorb. Schools should emphasize the importance of health starting in elementary,
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Unformatted text preview: from educating kids on the effects of eating fatty foods, to the importance of exercise. Some sources I'm planning to use to support my paper are statistics, as numbers can't be argued with, along with articles reporting revealing an insight of the lives of children experiencing obesity issues, which is a primary experience. The topic of obesity is indeed relevant to today's society, as the rate for obesity is soaring more than ever the past decade. This research would most likely relate to kids or families with bad health habits....
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