Essay #3 Final Draft

Essay #3 Final Draft - hiESSAY #3 MEDIA CRITIQUE MEDIA:...

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Unformatted text preview: hiESSAY #3 MEDIA CRITIQUE MEDIA: "The Office" BRAINSTORM TARGET AUDIENCE:- Newer generation (14-30)- Openness- Liberalized ASSUMPTIONS: * Newer generation --> more variation (clash of different cultures and people in a humorous manner *- Racism- Generation- Sexuality- Sexism- Religion- Socioeconomic status- Cultural Clashes- Inappropriateness/boldness IDEAS:- Ignorance (Michael Scott) = stupidity- The Office minimizes ignorance- New generation grew up in a different environment- Ignorance of the different people that make up American society OUTLINE TITLE: "Cracker, Curry-Lover, and Cholo" Make Grandmas Turn Heads THESIS: In appeal to the modern, liberalized generation, "The Office" uses cultural and social identity clashes to illustrate the recent growth of tolerance towards people of diverse backgrounds in American society in a humorous manner. BODY PARAGRAPHS:- Culture (race, religion)- Social identity (gender, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status) ARGUMENTS/REBUTTAL- Not an ideal show for extreme conservatives/old fashion (old generation) Ashlee Chang Gianunzio English 100 - Section 19 12/15/10 "The Office"Though Sounding, Its Not Really a Show for Oldies It's no question that long un-hip grandparents raise their eyebrows when people jokingly spit out stereotypical terms such as cracker, curry-lover, and cholo, especially growing up in a primarily white, conservative community in America. However, the new generation has grown to be more open to such humor. The number of other racial groups (aside from whites) has been growing exponentially, creating the ethnically diverse country that Americans reside in today. America has definitely become more liberalized over the centuries, easily accepting people of different social and cultural backgrounds as a normal aspect of society. N.B.C.'s documentary- styled television show "The Office" recognizes the changing country, incorporating a variety of unique, complex backgrounds in each of their characters. Its target audience is for approximately ages fourteen to thirty--old enough to be globally aware and intellectual, but young enough to have been raised in this diverse generation. The show's main character is an under-qualified manager of a paper company named Michael Scott, who monitors over, or rather distracts, his salesmen and employees in the workplace. Though Michael, the guy-who-says-whats-on-his- mind-even-if-most-inappropriate is completely aware of the cultural and social differences among his workers, he pretends to be ignorant of these factors as an act of sincerity; his poor communication, immature behavior, and bad acting skills inevitably blow his cover, which ends up insulting many employees. In appeal to the modern, liberalized generation, "The Office" uses up insulting many employees....
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Essay #3 Final Draft - hiESSAY #3 MEDIA CRITIQUE MEDIA:...

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