SUM&RESP dropping the f-bomb

SUM&RESP dropping the f-bomb - Ashlee Chang...

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Ashlee Chang Jennifer Gianunzio English 100 12/08/10 Summary/Response "Dropping the F-Bomb" Joel Achenbach In a humorous manner, Achenbach argues that society ought to preserve the F-word's taboo by cutting down on its usage in our language. Just about everyone uses this word-- bloggers, governmental positions, vocal artists, and even languages out of English (German, Dutch, Norwegian, and Swedish.) There are grammatically numerous ways the F-word can be used, from adjectives to nouns to verbs to adverbs. Achenbach uses the Federal Communications Commission involvement in the issue of using the F-word in the media as support for how society is trying hard to preserve the word. President pushed raised the maximum fine for "indecency" in the media to $325,000. Achenbach also argues that this four lettered-word is actually a good word, and how no word can replace it in certain instances where it would be most appropriate for exclamatory and/or humorous sentences. He goes into the origins of the F-
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SUM&RESP dropping the f-bomb - Ashlee Chang...

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