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SUM&RESP literacy debate - Summary Response Literacy...

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Summary Response Literacy Debate Online, R U Really Reading? Motoko Rich Motoko Rich examines both sides of the argument of whether online reading, using digital technologies, such as computers, is affecting the traditional view of literacy (text on paper.) She opens and closes her article with an inside look at the life of Nadia Konyk, a fifteen year old, who sways more towards reading off of pixels on a bright screen over ink on recycled trees, even though her mother often urges her to read books. Rich brings in a lot of statistics and different perspectives of others into her writing. To further defend digital technology, Rich uses her sub-articles “But This Is Reading Too,” which entails the idea that Web readers may eventually surpass those who rely on books, and “A Lifelong Struggle,” which is an inside perspective of Hunter Gaudet (a dyslexic youngster who was placed in special education classes all his life,) who stated that reading off the internet filtered out all of the unimportant information. Rich doesn't take a strong stand on either side of the argument, remaining neutral on the debate. She ends the story with Nadia becoming engrossed in the memoir “Night,”
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SUM&RESP literacy debate - Summary Response Literacy...

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