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SUM&RESP seeking balance

SUM&RESP seeking balance - Summary Response Seeking...

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Summary Response Seeking Balance in an Either-Or World Kathleen Parker With statistics showing the growing independent class of America at 39% of the country's population, the Democratic class at 31%, and the Republican class at 30%, Kathleen Parker proudly defends and promotes centrism, as its “the more patriotic political position because it adheres more strictly to American values and founding principles than to ideology,” an idea proposed by John P. Avlon which Parker agrees on (153). Ideology shouldn't be the main factor behind decision making on any particular issue. Parker provides an example of her centrism using her stand on the debate of abortion and illustrating her reasoning behind each position. She claims she urges a pro- life position because abortion is a “terrible thing...the violent termination of a life and a decision many women regret with time and perspective,” as well as a pro-choice one because she “can find no way to justify government-enforced maternity” (152).
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