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SUM&RESP writing off reading - Ashlee Chang...

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Ashlee Chang Jennifer Gianunzio 09/03/10 English 100 Summary Response “Writing Off Reading” Michael Skube Michael Skube, a university journalism teacher, writes this piece in concern for college student's reading comprehension and their level of knowledge of the English language (grammar and vocabulary.) At the Elon University where Skube teaches, he states the GPA of those who were accepted to the school were about 3.5 to 4.0, though many of them “somehow got these suspect grades without having read much” (120). He justifies this statement by listing some words that college students had trouble understanding as he spoke to them, such as impetus, derelict, satire, and advocate. Skube states nowadays, less and less children are motivated to read for fun, thus “they are less able to navigate the language” (121). He recognizes the Bush administrations No Child Left Behind Act, which acknowledges the problem that most children graduating high school aren't college material, and some not even high school material yet. Skube brings
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SUM&RESP writing off reading - Ashlee Chang...

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