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Faculty F06 Sample Paper - This sample paper was written by...

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This sample paper was written by a Viewing Dance student. I made changes to clean up the flow of the writing and the grammar. It was originally four full pages as the assignment requires, but my changes shortened it. The paper has a clear thesis, which the author carried throughout the paper. She did a good job explaining how the examples she chose contributed to the effect of each dance. It also gives examples of how to analyze a dance that does not tell a story. Name Viewing Dance "Serenade and Other Dances" The pieces presented in Serenade and Other Dances showcase the various ways dance can narrate stories, express feelings of joy and happiness, and convey the idea that dance is beautiful. In George Balanchine's work, Serenade (1st Movement) , the beauty of dance structure, and movement are celebrated through the grace and movement of the ballerinas in the moonlight. Winter Hymn , by choreographer Andrew Vaca, is a piece that expresses the feelings about the winter season. The costume, music, and movement of the dancers creates images closely associated with the most joyful time of the year. The dance by Sean Greene, Jeanne D' Arc: A 19 Year Life in 6 Minutes and 45 Seconds , recreates the life and death of Saint Joan of Arc. The blending of musical accompaniment, choreographed movement, and choice of costume help in presenting dance as a channel to expression and narration. The dance Serenade (1st Movement) displays the beauty, order, and harmony of ballet. The straight lines and symmetry are apparent in the positioning and movement of the ensemble and soloists. The piece begins with the ensemble lined up diagonally across the stage. All seventeen ballerinas are facing the audience while extending their right arms, palms up and
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This note was uploaded on 06/08/2011 for the course DANC 110 taught by Professor Fenton during the Spring '11 term at CSU Long Beach.

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Faculty F06 Sample Paper - This sample paper was written by...

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