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Final Exam Study Guide (1) - Final Exam Study Guide Dance...

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Final Exam Study Guide Dance 110, Spring 2011 Exam Date: Wednesday, May 18, 12:30-2:30pm Bring: Scantron form (882-E), pencil Format: The exam is worth 100 points: 50-60 multiple-choice questions, 10-15 points from identification and video observation questions. Video: Links to many of the video clips I showed in class are available on BeachBoard, under Course Documents. From the Midterm Parts of the stage (stage left, upstage, etc. – spelling matters, word order matters) Be able to observe the following categories in dance (need to know the differences among the categories) Use of space (formations, groupings, levels, travel through space) Actions and directions of body parts Movement Qualities Choreographic Structure (ordering of movement through time): variation, accumulation, canon, etc. Jazz Social Dances Social and historical context for jazz social dancing - Two time periods that led up to Jazz Age: northern migration, WWI - Harlem Renaissance (American’s interested in black culture) - Great Depression Savoy Ballroom - Lindy Hop was created here - Black entertainers, white audience General characteristics of African American dance forms - Rhythm, improvisation, repetition, groundedness, control of self/coolness, angularity, asymmetry, intensity and attack How did each of these dances display those characteristics? (Charleston, blues, Lindy Hop) - Charleston: Bent hips and knees; solo or couple; emphasized elbows; kicking steps - Blues: Slow drag; shake hips; solo or couple; isolation; rolling the hips
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This note was uploaded on 06/08/2011 for the course DANC 110 taught by Professor Fenton during the Spring '11 term at CSU Long Beach.

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Final Exam Study Guide (1) - Final Exam Study Guide Dance...

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