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Lab Guidelines S11 - Guidelines for Lab Experiences and...

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Guidelines for Lab Experiences and Reports Viewing Dance, Spring 2011 There are things you can best learn about dance by doing it. These studio experiences are your chance to get physical knowledge of what we are studying in class. These are also an opportunity to experience some of the discipline involved in a dancer’s training. The more you put into them, the more you will get out of them. Points: Each lab experience is worth 15pts and requires both your attendance at the lab (5pts) and completion of the lab report (10pts). Lab Classes (5pts. each) Wednesdays: 2/9, 2/23 3/9, 4/6, 4/10, and 5/4 You must attend each of the six dance lab classes . Labs will be held only on Wednesdays. It is your responsibility to make sure that you sign in on the roll sheet, so that I know you were present. If you do not sign in, you will not receive credit for either participating in the lab or for completing the lab report. Where: Dance Center, Studio 6 (Third Floor) Class starts at 12:35am. (Web maps and pictures at http://daf.csulb.edu/maps/campus/
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