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Performance Scavenger Hunt - Viewing Dance Fenton Spring...

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Viewing Dance Fenton, Spring 2011 Performance Scavenger Hunt Viewing Dance, Spring 2011 Purpose: One goal of this class is to introduce you to live dance performance and give you the skills to seek out performances on your own in the future. This assignment asks you to use the web and possibly the phone. It also requires you to attend a performance. Task: The five dance companies below will perform in L.A. and Orange County between February 12 and March 19, 2011. Your task is to research these companies and their performances, attend one performance of your choice, and complete the four-part assignment below. Companies Association Noa-Cie Vincent Matsoe Eiko and Koma Parsons Dance Tango Inferno Philadanco If you are unable to attend any of these concerts for reasons related to work, athletics, transportation, or family obligations, please talk to me. Ticket Purchasing and Prices: When you buy your tickets, I recommend purchasing them from the theater where the performance is taking place. Ticket resalers may charge more, may not offer the cheapest seats, or may have genuine discounts. Buyer beware. Part 1 : Finding a Performance (25 points): Due: Wednesday, February 9 Tasks: 1. Read Section 3 Reading 2 Using the Web for Research on the library tutorial page ( ). This material will be covered on the Midterm. 2. You need to find out when and where each company is performing, how much tickets will cost, and get some idea of what the performance will be like. Search the web for the company name and “Los Angeles” or “Orange County.” I encourage you to look for video as well. 3. Based on your research, choose the performance you will attend and purchase a ticket from the theater where the performance will take place. . 4. For the company you are going to see , answer the questions below in your own words . Do not copy and paste from websites. I am looking for answers that are as complete as possible . Finding a Performance
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Performance Scavenger Hunt - Viewing Dance Fenton Spring...

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