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Scavenger Hunt 4 Rubric

Scavenger Hunt 4 Rubric - _need to revise to remove...

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Grading Rubric: Scavenger Hunt, Part 4 Viewing Dance, Spring 2011 1) Descriptiveness Difficult to picture Description is vivid; movement described creates clear image 0 30 39 45 51 57 60 2) Use of course concepts and vocabulary Very little or Purposeful and correct very incorrect use use of concepts 0 30 39 45 51 57 60 3) Depth of thought/completeness of answers Superficial/incomplete Thoughtful/Complete 0 30 39 45 51 57 60 4) Readability of writing (sentence structure, grammar/punctuation, organization) Difficult to follow, Clear, college-level many errors writing 0 30 39 45 51 57 60 5) Following of directions/guidelines and accuracy of information Not followed Followed exactly 0 30 39 45 51 57 60 Writing Issues: Organization __paragraphs need clear topics and topic sentences __paragraphs are too long/ have more than one main idea in each __paragraphs are too short and need more development
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Unformatted text preview: __need to revise to remove repetition or collect similar ideas together __(¶) start new paragraph Sentence Structure, Grammar, & Mechanics __(sp/pf) spelling and proofreading __(per) use periods to separate complete sentences __(com) incorrect comma use; __(apos) incorrect apostrophe use __(wc) word meanings/vocabulary __(pos) incorrect parts of speech __(sv) subject verb agreement __(vf) incorrect verb forms __(pl) incorrect use of plurals for nouns __(prn) number agreement (nouns and pronouns) __(prc) pronoun choice – use a different pronoun __(ref) pronoun doesn’t refer to anything clearly __(vt) verb tense is not consistent __(frag) incomplete sentences __(ss) sentence structure (__mixed structures, __elements missing)...
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