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Dance 110 Vocabulary: Structure a dance, a piece, a work – words used interchangeably in concert dance to refer to a piece of choreography. The word “ballet” may also be used. This generally applies to pieces within the genre of ballet, but occasionally (and confusingly) people use it for modern dances as well. section – a subdivision within a dance. Different sections are often distinguished by changes in: the number and organization of dancers, movement themes, music, lighting, costume combination – a collection of phrases taught in classes and auditions. Combinations are not complete dances. phrase – an even smaller piece of movement, comparable to a sentence or phrase in language Phrases are made up of individual movements. A phrase has a beginning, middle, and end. unison – when all the dancers are doing the same movements at the same time transition
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Unformatted text preview: – the connection that bridges two separate movements, phrases, or sections in a dance. variation – changing one or more aspects of a movement or phrase in a way that maintains a relationship to the original. Some aspects that might be varied: size, direction, timing, facing, level. A phrase may also be varied by taking out or inserting movement. accumulation – a way of sequencing movement. One movement is added each time the phrase is performed. canon – a way of sequencing whole phrases among various dancers. One group begins the phrase. The second (third, forth…) group waits a certain number of counts and then begins the phrase. counterpoint – a way of describing two (or more) separate phrases that, when performed at the same time, create an effect together through contrast. Think of the phrases as melodies, both sung at the same time....
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