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Dance 110 Vocabulary: Framing People: These are all defined/described in your textbook. Artistic Director House Manager Stage Manager Technical Director Choreographer Musical Director/Composer Performers Lighting Designer Costume Designer Scenery Designer Stages/Spaces Proscenium stage – probably what you think of when you think of a “stage.” The stage is separated from the audience by a curtain and a proscenium arch (goes above and around the opening). This kind of stage creates a “picture frame” around the dancing. Black box – a small, less formal kind of space. The space is one square room, usually with stadium- style seating on one or more sides. The performance space is the floor of the room and lighting is often visible. These don’t tend to have curtains. In the round – The audience is seated on all sides of the performers, eliminating a clear front. Thrust – the stage extends out into the audience on three sides. Art gallery
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