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Dance 110 Vocabulary: Dance Concerts These are some terms to help you discuss a dance concert. concert dance – dance performed on stage, independent of another production (like a musical or opera). Ballet and modern dance are concert dance forms. West African dance, jazz dance, and tap may all be performed as concert dance or performed in other contexts. dance concert – a dance performance – taken from the idea of a music concert. They typically run between 45 minutes and 2 hours. evening-length work – a dance that is long enough to constitute a concert all by itself. These are generally at least forty-five minutes and can be as long as two (and very rarely three) hours. While American companies generally break for intermission after 30-45 min, the trend among other contemporary companies is to perform evening-length pieces of up to 90 min without an intermission. The longest productions are story ballets from the late nineteenth century. These always have at least one and often two intermissions. dance recital
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