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Dance 110 Vocabulary: West African Dance Lectures jembe/djembe – goblet-shaped drum from West Africa. Originally from Guinea and Mali. Played standing, using the hands. Jembe drumming and dance go together. ritual – any practice or pattern of behavior regularly performed in a set manner, particularly an established procedure for a religious rite. diaspora - the dispersal of a group from its homeland, often by force (or necessity) Yoruba – an ethnic/language group in West Africa, the second largest in Africa. Made up of 25 smaller cultural groups. Most live in present-day Nigeria, but also in neighboring Benin and Togo. Adjective form – Yoruban orisha(s) – Yoruban deities. 3 major types of origin: 1) spiritual entity, 2) personified human or natural characteristic, 3) deified human being. The major orisa are spiritual entities. There are
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Unformatted text preview: hundreds of orisa, and their importance varies with location. Worshipers often devote themselves primarily to one orisa. egungun ancestors, in a more general sense not deified. Dancers are masked. ashe life force. Human beings, orisa, ancestors all have ashe, and while it is a general life force, within an individual, also represents their specific life force. syncretism the blending of two disparate forms (in this case, religions) to produce a new, hybrid form. Candombl Brazilian form of Yoruban traditional religion, syncretized with Catholicism and elements of traditional religion of Bakongo peoples terreiro called a house, the open space (indoor or outdoor) of worship in Candombl. A Candombl house can also refer to the community of worshipers. Santeria Yoruban traditional religion in Cuba...
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