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Dance 110 Vocabulary: Tap Terms vaudeville – a performance circuit in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Performances were a series of short, unconnected acts eccentric dance – movement-based vaudeville acts that showed off the performers unusual or idiosyncratic skills flash act – a tap dance act which combined acrobatics with tap steps class act – a tap dance act which focused on precise unison, clarity of sound, and control of speed. These acts had a very put together overall appearance. buck dancing – flat footed percussive dance style performed by both white and black Americans in the rural South and urban North. Dancing happened mostly from the knees down. rhythm tap – tap dance style based on the execution of complex rhythms. Often performed to live jazz music and involving rhythmic interaction between the dancer(s) and musicians. step – a transfer of weight onto one foot. May use the whole foot or just the ball of the foot. tap – a sound made with the ball of the foot, usually without transferring weight to that foot.
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