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Viewing Dance: Fenton Dance 110 Vocabulary: Ballet Terms Some video clips at http://www.paballet.org/outreach/steps.aspx barre the bar at which ballet class begins, used for balance pointe (en pointe) point (on point) – when ballerinas work on their toes, special point shoes five positions of the feet port de bras carriage of the arms, refers to movement through arm positions plié knee bend, can be shallow (demi) or deep (grand) relevé rising onto the ball of the foot from a plié pas “step”, as in pas de deux (step for two), pas de chat (step of the cat) arabesque position with the balance on one foot and the other leg straight and to the back tendu the sliding of the foot along the floor – in and out dégagé sliding the foot along the floor and slightly off – in and out
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Unformatted text preview: grand battement lifting the leg into the air, usually waist high or higher ronde de jambe circle of the leg drawing a circle in space with the leg fondue to melt a pli on one leg chass to chase, traveling step, one foot slides forward, other slides to meet it grand jette split leap chane traveling turn, both feet stay low piqu traveling turn, free leg is brought up to the knee fouette turn in place, free leg opens to side and closes with each turn, womens pirouette turn in place, free leg is raised to the knee and stays there tour en lair turn in the air, mens vocabulary, both feet leave the floor Viewing Dance: Fenton...
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