Chapter 03

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Unformatted text preview: Discovering Computers 2010 Living in a Digital World Objectives Overview {F9022B54-68C2-4973-9A00-460029290542} {CAD78E88-55C4-4F09-BD12-548950C62DD8} {EC5A341C-127E-4EEE-9057-274944E35871} {6340B4FD-4716-4167-8CAC-128DB3A81B73} {08A2C16B-1BE6-40AD-B76A-3988AF0EAC21} categories of applicationfeatures ofworkcharacteristicsseven forms through rating system and utility programs widely used business programs Identify the key software Differentiate among the of software Describe with application a user interface • See Discovering Computers 2010: 22 Objectives Overview {8EFB50D3-70C5-49B2-996A-1C93784DB914} {D106D101-98E2-4ADD-B050-08FB6FD9C7E3} {EB239B62-FD18-42ED-90A9-F44A9132E2FE} {7F8F7BF5-E605-4AB5-BE39-757CDFE8BFE4} {FC55E900-4CBE-44D2-AD01-A81D476F8295} y fused home, personal, and educational programslearning aids availableapp eatures of the types of applicationDescribe the ways to access Web for Identify widely Discuss the advantages of used programs used graphics and multimedia in communications software and • See Discovering Computers 2010: 33 Application Software {8D1F30E1-BF9F-4895-9575-47A13022928A} {6016ACC8-F114-4B27-BD6A-2DCDF49B5870} {C545EC81-3B11-442D-B8D4-35A4F4B4A101} {359865E4-D5E6-4127-B54B-1CCC3A98C753} h graphicsmake business activities more support home, personal, and educa To and multimedia projects To efficient To facilitate communications • • Page Discovering Computers 2010: 44 Application Software • Page Discovering Computers 2010: 55 Application Software {E7199574-0779-4BCC-89D1-93A67C9EB180} {36031257-49F5-44F8-8111-696459E3C86A} {7A5AA225-2DC9-403C-812B-C0542C8A76AD} {BF91FB33-AEE4-4451-8B55-1DFEE5D573AA} {618B8782-2085-43D2-9430-5A2718568145} {5BF4C20B-609C-4E56-8108-E747824C9A1F} {8975B83D-49D4-48F1-A039-970AE9CBDF1C} eb application software software Shareware Open source Public-domain Custom software Freeware Packaged softwa • Page Avail Discovering Computers 2010: 66 Application Software • Click to view Web Link, click Chapter 3, Click Web Link from left navigation, then click Antivirus Programs below Chapter 3 Page Syste Discovering Computers 2010: 77 Application Software • Page Discovering Computers 2010: 88 Business Software {2CE8107F-1857-48EC-B5AF-...
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