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Unformatted text preview: DBD89F55ED47} {D2DCAC13-CA65-4BC0-8CDB-8E0F3D547F6E} {F345E7EE-E1F8-44A4-9F84-5E7CCF2A20EF} {2FE77C21-06C3-4CF6-A8B5-CFFC86F4FEE8} {7FC7A0BE-8359-42BF-A7D6-F09B602622A4} {046920F5-AB0E-4C3A-86BD-2AACFEF5D77C} {B6AFED10-0988-4C44-949B-8BEBC96D3EAA} {02FE7BC6-36B0-46EA-A3DA-33EAC14E7913} {E4C23DE3-EDBD-4DF2-8562-55450495215D} {52E4FBF4-0120-4D5D-B30A-BA042CC55B88} {CA475B6C-91E6-4F17-8A95-EBD833F1A27B} {41E958C7-BCE0-4F56-ADB4-7CC31520CD36} d Processing taking Spreadsheet managementfor phones Presentatio ocument management Note Accounting computingBusiness software suites manager Enterprise Project Business software information Personal Database • • Page Discovering Computers 2010: 99 Business Software • • Page Discovering Computers 2010: 10 10 Business Software {0D5EEA22-0C65-4572-B261-8D454037E 8AB} {A564521F-E61A-4E0E-817F-E371C10D3 D5D} {80309D68-D7D0-4F21-91A4-080951761 D7B} {83E7B10E-9E24-4C00-8CDC-E0A52CAEF 705} {1F738B56-E8A0-4BAD-B240-D57E19656 9D3} {E0645658-0718-4CB0-A883-47D174780 ED5} {E6918913-F7B6-4C67-9144-F57789CB68 C8} {D64E370A-9ABF-46F6-9D62-A3A44C760 92A} {DC208A8B-AE62-4119-9D03-D638597B6 728} {A471EA05-2020-4EDE-84C9-5738DA970 192} {AB85CF54-F7E5-4934-80F0-8FF8F87B74 EF} {924158F0-4B02-438A-AB27-6693F5F461 9E} {66AE3EB5-D77F-4FB9-8DC9-BA02589A9 E5E} {EA99E124-33A2-4DF6-9A29-100D0EF72 CEE} {BDDA10DC-0CD6-4E9F-BFD6-E40F04361 11B} {17115BF7-8A75-436F-A32A-25B3045A8 50E} {6491F022-95C8-494A-AB3B-A8520411E F04} {870A308B-2C5D-476C-BA6B-EF3C1F502 362} Voice Recognition AutoCorrect ReplaceInputTags Collaboration Templates Tables Columns GrammarSearch Mail Merge Tracking Changes ResearchCheckerReading Layout Page Developme Macros and Ink Web Smart Thesaurus AutoForm • Click to view Web Link, click Chapter 3, Click Web Link from left navigation, then click Word Processing Software below Chapter 3 Page Addit Discovering Computers 2010: 11 11 Business Software and numbers other tasks t mages i size {12A0C7AE-8F1A-4175-9C87-8CB492F1B2BC} {285264D0-BA70-4479-821B-5AAD0F51635B} Create a document Edit a document {785F7021-AA3F-4409-BF6B-2DE54527ABE1} {40C95A57-0645-4180-8BE6-2E76B1182B32} Format a document {347C9391-F25D-494F-B4B4-655EB44538C5} {A59371B7-145C-4E78-AF8C-0E79FF854689} Make changes toInserting,content cutting, copying, a existing deleting, Change appearance {BB9A78A5-CC8B-48F4-874F-F4268F504C3D} Font • Page Deve Discovering Computers 2010: 12 12 Business Software • • Click to view Web Link, click Chapte...
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