jcruz - hunt2 - inventor,writer,philosopher, known for...

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Name:________________________________ Date:______________ INTERNET SEARCH 1. What was the first major battle of the Civil War and when did it take place? – 4PtsFT.sumter 1861 2. Boston if one of America’s oldest cities. What year was Boston founded? – 2Pts1630 3. How many Olympic Gold Medals does Dominique Dawes? – 2Pts1 4. Who was the first female to win a Nobel Prize for medicine, in what year, and why? – 6PtsMarie Curie for research on radiation 5. He was born January 17, 1706. He was an author, a publisher, a candle maker, an inventor, a humorist, a scientist, a statesman, a father and revolutionary. You know him. Who was he? What is his most famous experiment? – 4pt
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Unformatted text preview: inventor,writer,philosopher, known for writing poor Richards almanac and helped draft declaration of independence 6. Who won the Tour de France in 1986? – 2Pts greg lemond 7. Of all the presidents of the United States, which one served the shortest term? How long did he serve? – 4pts william henry Harrison 1 month 8. Who sings “Working 9 to 5”? What year was that song recorded? – 4Pts dolly parton 1980 9. What does ENIAC stand for and how much did it weigh? – 4Pts Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer 30 short tons 10. Besides being pals in the old cartoon strip "Archie", what did VERONICA and JUGHEAD stand for? – 6Pts vanity and gluttony...
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jcruz - hunt2 - inventor,writer,philosopher, known for...

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