kalfonso - wk7 - 7 Because enables mobile users to...

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Short Answers Chapter 7 1- A NAS device is a server connected to a network with the purpose of provides storage. 2- Some home and small business users add up to 6 TB of hard disk storage. 3- SAS are thinner, longer cables, reduced interference, less expensive, support for many more connected devices at once, and faster speeds. 4- Optical disc drives, printers, scanners, digital cameras, and other devices. 5- In CD-ROM manufacturers write all items on the disc at one time. In multisession discs you can write part of the data now and the rest of the data later. 6- People use archive discs or picture CDs to preserve their photos. When you post and share photos online on a photo sharing community you can choose to save your collection of online photos on an archive disc. An archive disc storage photos from an online photo center.
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Unformatted text preview: 7- Because enables mobile users to transport digital photos, music, or files easily. 8- Compact flash (CF), 512MB to 100GB, digital cameras, smart phones, portable media players. Secure Digital (SD), 512MB to 8GB, PDAs, photo printers, digital cameras, smart phones. SDHC, 4 to 32GB, digital cameras. MICRO SD, 1 to 2 GB, smart phones, handheld game consoles, handheld navigation devices. xD picture card, 256MB to 2GB, digital cameras, photo printers. 9- Microfilm is 100 to 215 foot roll of film, and microfiche is a small sheet of film usually about 4x6 inches. 10-Library uses them to store back issues of newspapers and magazines, large organization uses them for store inactive files, banks uses them to store transactions and canceled checks, the US army uses them to store personnel records....
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kalfonso - wk7 - 7 Because enables mobile users to...

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